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The Lonesome Drifters

Having started as a trio back in 2008, The Lonesome Drifters set about

their journey with nothing but raw and authentic rockabilly on their

minds. With the band consisting of Stefan Schmid (vocals, rhythm guitar),

Silvio Bantle (lead guitar) and Joe Klein (double bass) momentum soon

began to gather pace once this south German-based band began laying

the foundations for their debut album on Rhythm Bomb Records. 


The end result was a four-year process of carefully selected tracks comprising of regional artists who never quite got the breakthrough they yearned for during the 1950s, only to remain confined to the annals of history as nothing but exotic curiosities until ‘From The Backwoods’ reared its head. Despite the band’s debut effort being a covers only affair, the preceding years spent learning and honing their craft paid dividends as The Lonesome Drifters deftly transformed the aforementioned chosen obscurities by breathing new life into these compositions and, in the process, almost claiming them as their own due to the sincerity and passion injected in to each and every song.

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