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“Is there a greater compliment than that a

German band does not sound German?“

- Classic Rock


“Their approach is creative, the vocals expressive,

the musical production and technical maturity is remarkable

for a debut. A successful start to a career that promises a lot.”

- Metal Hammer


Call it Rock or call it loud and furious guitar music, give it enough danger to get by with a minimum of cliché and reminiscences to the dinosaurs of past decades.This Berlin-based band with its rusty golden elemental force from New Zealand on the microphone is on a mission not to prove but to testify that a drum-guitar-bass-and-throat 4-piece can blow your mind like nothing else. Raw power you just wanna crank up louder and louder!Watch out for the neckbreaking D'ANGEROUS debut single RULE THE WORLD, released worldwide on June 1st via Believe Digital!



Carl O'Sullivan - voice

Olli Wong - guitar

Jens Giovanni Freudenberg - bass

Tilo Hustan - drums


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