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MOTORJESUS – Is hitting the Asphalt with a mixture of Metal, Classic Hardrock with some bits and pieces of 90s Rock and Stoner Groove.


Their Heroes are Bands such as: Anthrax, Corrosion of Conformity, Spiritual Beggars, Pantera, Motörhead.




There could hardly be a better symbol of Mönchengladbach rock act Motorjesus’ ambitions than the cover of their latest album, Wheels Of Purgatory, due out on 10 December 2010 on Drakkar/Sony: the Son of God with a fag in the corner of his mouth, riding a black Pontiac V8, bolting straight from hell on his way to new adventures. “We preach rock’n’roll,” vocalist Chris ‘Howling’ Birx explains, delivering this solemn statement with wink, just like the album’s inspired artwork isn’t to be taken entirely seriously. That this obvious sense of humour also includes verve and fun, wildness and spiritedness, but first and foremost a lot of energy and a talent for haunting compositions becomes as obvious on this masterpiece as it did on the heavy rock albums Dirty Pounding Gasoline (2004, released under the name of The Shitheadz), which was celebrated by the press and extremely popular with the metal community, and Deathrider (2006), both of them earning the band countless live appearances: from youth clubs to concert venues, alongside heroes great and small, from Motörhead to Anthrax, from Volbeat to Misfits, from Prong to Hatesphere, from President Evil to A.O.K. And now there’s their latest album, Wheels of Purgatory – Motorjesus are really letting it rip again!


It’s their extremely successful mix of traditional hard rock, down-to-earth metal, sprinklings of rock’n’roll and occasional 90s grunge and stoner rock elements which make Motorjesus stand out.

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