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Monique, who is the HER in THE INFAMOUS HER isn’t afraid to speak, dress or play loud.Raised from the streets of New York City, on classic sounds of Blondie, The Beastie Boys andBob Dylan these artist have been hugeinfluencese in Her’s songwriting, creativity and story telling. In 2010 when Monique along withher band, decided to drive south and play 1show in Nashville TN, days later they hadrecords deals on the table from Sony, Universaland Warner Bros. They signed to Warner Brosand and released an album. After not being able to be the “unique” Monique she is, they partedwith their record label, but called Nashvillehome. That’s when and where the real funbegan. Since then, The Infamous HER hasrelease 4 albums, toured with Kid Rock, and REO Speed wagon just to name a few.Performed in arenas to bars around the world.The show and stage performance Monique andthe band give, always stays consistent. A highenergy show that will make you want to sing,scream, dance, mosh, and throw your drinks inthe air to cheers. This Sassy, Unapologetic frontwomen has a band of Rock n Roll brotherssupporting her. Caleb Sherman, who produces/co writes and plays every instrument in the bookshares the stage with tattooed, mustachesporting Jonathan Stoye on Bass, and thenthere’s the ladies favorite Tyler Kloewer who’sdrumming and harmonies are as steady as a kittycats purr.Monique’s beautiful wildness always leaves theaudience with “Something To Remember which is also tattooed down her arm.In 2023 The Infamous HER locked themselvesliterally in their home/ recording studio inNashville TN and wrote and recorded their newalbum Hula Hoop. 11 songs full of catchymelodies, cheeky lyrics, harmonies and soundsthat open the vault to the 1960’s, 70’s 80’s andeven 90’s.You want the real deal, The Infamous HER IS the real deal!


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The Infamous HER

“Hula Hoop” Press ReleaseSassy, Unapologetic, rock n roll.


Thats exactly what you get.If I told you Blondie, Madonna and Shania Twain were making an album together, wouldyou buy it?!The New Album “Hula Hoop” from The Infamous HER combines those artist and soundsperfectly.Monique The front women for a new generation will make even Steven Tyler nervous.Her combination of sexy, rock n roll style and NYC vocal attitude, bring this album tothe top of the charts! Hula Hoop, is anything but boring. Each song stands on its ownand to me, is a single. Produced by Caleb “KBC” Sheman, who brought back andunearthed precious sounds from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with a modern twistThis album was written by the whole band, Monique Staffile(Vocals), Caleb (Guitar),Jonathan Stoye (Bass) and Tyler Kloewer (drums) over a couple weeks, when the bandcamped themselves out in their home recording studio in Nashville TN.“We ate together, jammed together, drank together, and even went swimming in thepool together”. Says Monique.Listeners can hear songs like “Apollonia” (referencing The God Father Movie), “MakeYou Mine” (a steady hypnotizing masterpiece), “Dare Me” (the Sexy, sultry side ofMonique), A cover of Tracey Ullman’s cheeky single “They Don’t know about us” blewme away, and also had me thinking their version is better then the original.The Infamous HER has toured with REO Speed Wagon, and Kid Rock, and it’s easy tosee why fans of both those extremes genres would LOVE The Infamous HER.Their live shows are electric, wild, will make you dance, mosh, and sing along. Makesure to catch them while you can and make sure to rock out!

-Mark Kennedy (APnews

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